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Powers and Duties of the Banking adjudicator

The Banking Adjudicator’s principal powers and duties are to consider disputes within these Terms Of Reference and to facilitate the satisfaction, settlement or resolution of such disputes whether by agreement, by making recommendation or determinations or by such other means as seen expedient.

Resolves disputes using the criterion of (i) the law; (ii) good banking practise (iii) Bankers’ Code Of Conduct (iv) banking practise in other jurisdictions; (v) fairness in all the circumstances.

Powers and Duties

It is not the function of the Banking Adjudicator to provide general information about the banking industry, bank services or bank policy or procedures. Your bank probably has a customer care line to deal with these matters.



The Banking Adjudicator may not be subpoenaed to testify in court by either of the parties to a dispute considered by the Banking Adjudicator.