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  • Be against a bank that is a member of the Bankers’ Association Of Botswana.
  • Be against your own bank, regarding its products and services or fees.
  • Relate to a claim of less than P 500,000.00
  • Relate to Mal-administration on the part of the bank that has caused
  • you some loss, distress or inconvenience that is not of a trivial nature.
  • Refer to misleading advertising

Must not be

  • The exercise by a bank of its commercial judgements on lending policy or interest rates.
  • You cannot complain about a bank’s failure to give you a loan, unless there was failure to follow the correct procedure and this prejudiced you.
  • Matters that should more appropriately be dealt with by a court of law or other process.
  • Matters where legal action has been started or where the customer wishes to be accompanied by an attorney.
  • A matter that has already been decided by the Courts of Law.

Please note that we do not deal with general or systemic problems such as the length of queues.